Healthcare Technology Solutions: What Doctors Want

A survey recently conducted by the AMA found that doctors are most interested in utilizing technology that helps to improve patient care and safety and enhance physician efficiency.  Of the 1,300 physicianHealthcare Technology to improve patient cares surveyed, a majority also indicated that new technology solutions must interface with the EMR and ensure data privacy and security.

The survey was conducted by the AMA to learn more about physician’s interests in and expectations of healthcare technology solutions.

Provident’s DocEdge® Communicator increases physician efficiency by streamlining all CDI, case management, coding, quality and other communications with physicians.  Combining standardized templates that drive concise and accurate queries with easy to use mobile technology, physicians are able to respond in real time with only a few clicks on their mobile device.  Full EMR integration and one channel/one format queries, reduce the administrative burden of the query process improving efficiency and decreasing physician notification burnout.

DocEdge® Communicator has proven results:

  • Physician response time reduced from ovAppIcon-512x512er 24 hours to 4 hours
  • 85% of physician responses received within 3 hours or less; 63% in less than an hour
  • 91% of cases resolved in 1 response
  • 98% physician response rate
  • 75% reduction in cases held post-discharge for query response
  • Fundamental shift in physician, case manager, and CDI satisfaction

Visit our website to learn more about DocEdge® Communicator.


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