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The Problem

While the ICD-10 Go Live date has come and gone, the true impact of ICD-10 will not be known for some time. Hospital executives must continue to evaluate provider’s “ICD-10 readiness” even during this post ICD-10 period and seek answers to some fundamental questions: Was ICD-10 documentation training effective? What documentation tools are available for clinicians to ensure ICD-10 compliance? What additional ICD-10 documentation training is needed to support quality and value-based purchasing in 2015 and beyond?

Our Solution: DocEdge ICD-10 Documentation

ICD-10 Documentation mobile solutionDocEdge® ICD-10 Mobile is a convenient, mobile point-of-care solution that provides high impact, easy to understand clinical flow charts to guide clinical documenters to meet ICD-10 documentation standards. DocEdge is part of the ProvidentEdge® Education enterprise solution.

Combining a user-friendly interface with powerful search functionality and convenient mobile integration, Provident’s DocEdge is a comprehensive Documentation Solution that provides a cost-effective point-of-care tool that enables health care professionals to access ICD-10 documentation concepts on demand.

The DocEdge Mobile ICD-10 Documentation Solution:

  • Includes the most common, most complex, and highest impact diagnoses and procedures
  • Organizes training topics by medical and surgical specialty
  • Includes the ability to bookmark topics for easy reference
  • Is available on the iPhone, Android and tablets


For healthcare executives looking to ensure ICD-10 compliance we recommend electing theProvidentEdge Clinical Documentation Assessment and Web-Based Education Solution with DocEdge ICD-10 Mobile. This approach allows Provident to effectively identify documentation opportunities, provide customized training solutions, deliver immediate remediation training to providers and provide ICD-10 documentation support at the point of care. Additionally, through Providents Continuous Improvement Methodology, coders and clinical documentation improvement specialists will receive targeted training to increase adherence to documentation standards, reduce queries, enhance compliance, and reduce avoidable errors/omissions that impact DRG and Case Mix over time. Coding errors and DRG opportunities will be identified to enhance current coding accuracy and optimize revenue.

Solutions tailored to meet your unique training needs:

  • DocEdge ICD-10 Mobile: Includes our library of the top 450 diagnoses and procedures impacted by the conversion to ICD-10. It is easily accessible on your phone or tablet and searchable by specialty.
  • DocEdge ICD-10 Mobile + ProvidentEdge Web-Based Education Solution: Web access to DocEdge ICD-10 Mobile with validation of key ICD-10 documentation concepts, tracking of use and completion of assigned training, direct specialty-specific provider messaging of targeted educational concepts and enterprise wide uploads of new training topics and educational material.
  • DocEdge ICD-10 Mobile + ProvidentEdge Web-Based Education Solution + ProvidentEdge Clinical Documentation Assessment: In addition to access to our full suite of mobile and web-based training solutions, Provident will perform ongoing charts reviews to identify training opportunities unique to your facility and to capture documentation samples that will be used for ongoing training of your providers. We will also provide comprehensive reports detailing the top documentation improvement and revenue opportunities, physician and coder metrics, and trending. Provider and specialty-specific training, utilizing documentation samples from your facility, is pushed directly to providers through the ProvidentEdge Web-Based Education Solution.

By providing physicians, coding personnel, and other clinical documentation and healthcare specialists with the most up-to-date clinical documentation training and point-of-care reference materials, institutions can rest assured knowing that their documentation processes address current regulatory requirements and that the care provided to patients is documented properly to assure reimbursement, quality reporting, and overall quality of patient care.


Provident has a national team of dedicated, highly integrated professionals, experienced in providing clinical documentation training. We have extensive experience working with healthcare organizations on a variety of needs including clinical coding and documentation audits and assessments, coding and documentation improvement initiatives, and coding and document training efforts. Provident’s team of clinical reviewers has helped clients increase DRG accuracy rates, optimized DRG assignments and provided continuing education based on findings to coding, clinical documentation improvement staff and providers. Our professionals maintain nationally recognized coding and compliance certifications and credentials including RHIT, CCS, AHIMA approved ICD/CM PCS trainer, JD, CFE and others.

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