Healthcare Compliance Program Assessments

Many healthcare organizations have compliance programs that were put into place at their inception.  These programs are no longer fully equipped to effectively tackle the volume and complexity of today’s healthcare compliance regulations as specified by the Office of the Inspector General and the U.S. Federal Sentencing Guidelines.  Provident’s effectiveness assessment involves detailed evaluation and measurement of the results of the compliance program with tailored recommendations for improvement.

Healthcare Compliance Program Assessment Overview

The Provident Healthcare Compliance Program Assessment:

  • Emphasizes the importance of having a current healthcare compliance program.
  • Evaluates the effectiveness of an organization’s compliance program and identifies the gaps between it and current regulations.
  • Addresses program design and risk management.
  • Examines the tools in place to implement the program.Healthcare Compliance Program
  • Trains, educates, and fosters an ethical culture of compliance.


The Provident Compliance Program Assessment is designed to determine whether the structures, policies, procedures, controls, resources, and tools are effective in quickly identifying, deterring, and remediating the non-compliant behavior they were designed to prevent.

Policies and Procedures

An effective compliance program includes written policies, procedures and standards which address the organization’s primary risk areas. These written controls communicate organizational values, explain internal compliance standards, and outline expectations for employee conduct.  Provident works with its clients to understand business practices, review existing documents and draft controls to close compliance gaps.

Education and Training

Recognizing that effective compliance programs include an active training and education component, Provident helps its clients identify employees who need training, and the most efficient and cost effective methods of providing that training.  Provident develops mechanisms for ongoing monitoring and auditing to foster an ethical culture of compliance.


As part of its assessment, Provident examines the number of violations, investigations and repeat violations, developing tools to effectively conduct ongoing assessments.

What Sets Us Apart

Provident’s depth of experience in healthcare operations, compliance, data analysis, and revenue cycle makes us uniquely qualified to provide valuable analysis and guidance.

Our team members have professional backgrounds working in provider organizations, law firms, and government agencies. We have unmatched knowledge of organizations across the healthcare spectrum, from single hospitals to healthcare systems, academic medical centers, and physician practices.

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