Define and Expand Your Mobile Strategy

A recent annual survey of over 300 healthcare professionals across the country asked questions about how mobile policies are adopted and enforced and plans for extending mobile technology.  Overall, the survey responses indicated that current policy is primarily focused on the use of mobile devices versus defining and expanding mobile strategy.  Having said that, an underlying theme of the responses received is focused on the use of mobile technology to deliver more efficient, high quality care to patients and increase satisfaction.  In addition, responses reflected that mobile strategies that align with overall clinical goals for a health system or hospital have proven to be the most successful (as viewed by those surveyed).

In assessing your organization’s Mobile Policy/Strategy, ask the following questions:

 What is your Mobile Policy/Strategy? The survey indicated that over 50% of the organizations have a documented mobile strategy in place and have for approximately 1-3 years.  As indicated above, the Policy/Strategy is primarily focused on the use of mobile devices.

 What is the objective of your Mobile Policy/Strategy? The survey indicated the primary use of mobile technology is for communication.  Only 25% reported use as a clinical initiative.

 What does your Mobile Policy/Strategy include? Mobile management and security was the top answer and only 48% of respondents reported integration with the EHR.

 What drives you to expand your Mobile Policy/Strategy? (1) Meeting end-user needs and (2) Addressing changes in clinical workflow were the top responses.

It is critical to define your organization’s Mobile Policy/Strategy beyond usage and develop a true mobile strategy that addresses:

  • Impact to Care
  • Impact to Satisfaction (patient, caregiver and clinician)
  • Impact to Clinical Workflow/Goals
  • Overall Expansion and Integration with EHR

In defining your organization’s Mobile Policy/Strategy, consider Provident’s mobile query communication tool, DocEdge Communicator.  DocEdge Communicator provides a single platform for templated queries and interfaces with the EHR – mobile, aligns with clinical goals and integrates with your system.  For more information,

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