Joint Commission allows texting of orders

Joint Commission allows texting of ordersThe Joint Commission issued a statement Friday on the texting of orders from physicians. Five years ago, the Joint Commission published a FAQ document prohibiting the texting of orders for all practitioners within all healthcare settings.  Friday’s statement, however, changed course for the Joint Commission.  In their response they stated that after researching the technology now available, they have deemed secure text messaging a safe method of communicating orders for patient care, treatment and/or services.

Highlights from the statement

  • Standard text messaging is still prohibited
  • Text orders may be sent using a secured text messaging platform
  • A secured text messaging platform includes:
    • Secure sign-on process
    • Encrypted messaging
    • Delivery and read receipts
    • Date and time stamp
    • Customized message retention time frames
    • Specified contact list for individuals authorized to receive and record orders
  • Organizations allowing secured text messaging should also ensure the following:
    • Secure messaging complies with existing standards for complete and incomplete orders (Medication Management (MM) Standard MM.04.01.01)
    • Policies and procedures specify how texted orders will be dated, timed, authenticated by the ordering physician
    • A policy addresses how texted orders will be documented within the patients’ medical record (manual entry vs. EHR integration)
  • The Joint Commission outlines other recommendations for hospitals who will allow secure text messaging including:
    • Develop an attestation outlining the capabilities of the secure text messaging platform
    • Monitor the risk, frequency and usage of secure texting
    • Ensure staff are trained on policies and procedures regarding secure text message orders

Provident continuously strives to create technology that is HIPAA compliant, secure and within industry guidelines. We are pleased to say that our DocEdge™ Communicator satisfies the Joint Commission order requirements

More about DocEdge™ Communicator.

  • Goes beyond secure texting and includes secure templated orders, queries, referrals and more
  • It is a HIPAA compliant cloud based app
  • Timed sign-out during inactivity
  • Physician to physician transition of care
  • Integrates into existing EMR systems
  • Option to directly feed into EMR or remain standalone secure text messaging application
  • Uses encrypted technology
  • Satisfies Joint Commission requirements above



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