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DocEdge Communicator Improves CDI WorkflowAn interview with DocEdge Communicator Users

We recently sat down with one of Provident’s DocEdge® Communicator clients to learn more about how DocEdge® Communicator has impacted their query workflow.  Here is what the Clinical Documentation Improvement Specialists had to say after using DocEdge® for over a year.

1. How has DocEdge® Communicator made your day-to-day work easier?

It really has made it easier.  Actually some of the physicians that we had issues with getting queries answered on paper or by fax have really embraced DocEdge®.  Since starting with DocEdge® many of the doctors have answered queries where in the past they didn’t and they even call to discuss them sometimes.  DocEdge® has opened the lines of communication between CDI and physicians.  We also have less of a paper trail, less faxing, and less hunting people down.  It’s a one step process and you’re done.

2. How has it helped with the query process? Are you querying more often with the Communicator?

Yes, we are querying more often because it is more simple.  Physicians are more responsive.  Things we may have let slide because we didn’t have time we are now querying for.  For example, severity queries that we may not have been likely to chase we are now more likely to.

3. Any other general feedback about DocEdge®?

It is a pretty straight forward application and is also easy to use on the physician’s end.  We like there is a built in double check when pulling patient information into the query.  There is less chance of error this way.

4. Can you ever see yourself going back to traditional methods of querying?

Really no.  Now that DocEdge® is rolled out to all of the physicians and they are using it there doesn’t seem to be a reason to – it would be going backwards.

About DocEdge®

DocEdge® Communicator was designed as a directed and efficient solution to address the workflow challenges and gaps in the query process.  With the ability to query physicians via their smart phone and two click physician responses that flow directly into the medical record, DocEdge® Communicator integrates and streamlines the query workflow.  Through a single communication channel, standardized templates that drive quality and full EMR integration, CDI specialists get the information they need quickly and efficiently.

To learn more about DocEdge® Communicator, please contact Cinthia Michel at or visit our website.

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